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Creating A Meaningful Vision

Creating A Meaningful Vision

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One question that constantly crosses my mind is how do creative people stay inspired. Although this might seem like common sense… a lot of us (including myself) forget that to stay inspired you need a vision. If you have no goals and no vision to guide your life, you can end up feeling lost and directionless.  You may not know what that vision is, but creating a Vision Board can help to add clarity to your desires. Creating a vision board is a powerful tool you can use to give your subconscious and conscious mind positive visual affirmations of what is important to you, where you want to be, and what you want from your life. It helps to keep you focused, reminding you of who you intend to be and keep you focused on that goal.

Vision boarding can be used to visualize all aspects of your life, or maybe just one that you feel needs a little work. For example, the vision board I created that I am sharing below is purely a fashion and style board. I love fashion and style, and want to stay inspired about this particular topic so I can keep generating ideas for my blog, and more importantly because it is one of my passions - I want to stay excited about creating content in this area. This is an activity I try and do once every season to get my ideas all into one place.  If you decide that you want to be successful in your life, figure out what success means to you and what that success looks like to you because defining what you want is the first step in getting thereIf success means dressing better or being stylish, figure out what dressing better means to you, create a board and visualize it so you can start putting it into action.

Getting Started:                                                                                                                                    

  • First of all, if you are feeling vision-less, the act of creating the vision board will be very useful to you. Get a stack of magazines, go through and tear out pictures or words that you are attracted to or mean something to you. Analyze what you pulled and see if there are patterns or themes to help you clarify what exactly your vision is for your life or a particular area if you have chosen to focus on one aspect.
  • Paste the pictures on a white canvas (Cardboard or Bristol board) and add text if you wish.
  • Place your board in a place where you will see it often.


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