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We Are More Than Our Instagram Feed

We Are More Than Our Instagram Feed


Lately I find myself struggling. I feel uninspired and am having a hard time trying to find my place in the world of digital influencers. In the three years I have been blogging and creating content, I don’t think I have ever found myself having a creative lull like I feel now. There are a couple of things going on that have me feeling like this:

Sometimes your personal life gets in the way

2016 has been a busy year for us in our personal life- we planned a big wedding and moved into a new home, even though it has been three months for us in our new home we are still settling in. We started from scratch, we moved in with no furniture, and a lot of our weekends are spent buying furniture and other items for our home. K and I are both really picky when it comes to how our space is going to look and want to take our time furnishing our place with items we love and not just settling with things we aren’t absolutely crazy about. We have also been adjusting to living with one another as we didn’t live together before we got married. It’s been wonderful, but it has also been a lot of work to figure out what our roles will be in the household – who will take care of finances, who does the groceries/cooking, keeping up with each other’s family obligations, the division of chores etc.…

The last and most important thing going on in our lives this year is that we are in the midst of opening a new business, which we are very excited about and it’s been an opportunity K has been working for over 3 years now. It’s really a dream come true for us. Both of us are really high achievers, we always have a lot on the go all the time and we work really hard.  With everything going on in our lives right now I just haven’t had much “me” time which is my time to myself where I can be creative and think through my ideas to bring to this space to share things with you guys.  K is also the backbone to this blog, and he hasn’t had much time to help me shoot content and put ideas together with me.


The pursuit of authentic content

I think this is something that every digital influencer struggles with. If I am going to be honest, over the past few months when scrolling through my Instagram feed I haven’t been feeling as inspired as I usually do. It seems like a blur of “perfect outfits”, “perfect brunches” and “perfect lattes” all lumped together no matter who the influencer is. We are putting on a display of the most “perfect” part of our lives for our followers to see, but the problem with that is “perfect” is not authentic ( I am guilty of this too).

 The thing that attracted me to fashion blogging when I first started a few years ago was the fact that it was authentic, I would much rather see how a dress looked on my favourite fashion blogger over a model in a magazine ad because she was more relatable in terms of body image and social status. She was a “real girl” and not some fancy model who I couldn’t relate to. Nowadays, we see thousands of perfectly curated Instagram feeds with magazine quality pictures. That girl who was once your favourite fashion blogger is now dressed up in top designer wear and getting flown all over the world after being sponsored by different brands, and all of a sudden she isn’t relatable anymore. Her content isn’t authentic, it’s bought out and perfect, and it’s really no different than an ad in a magazine.

I am going to work really hard to try and make my content as relatable and authentic for you as possible. Of course I want to post good quality content, but I don’t want to put on a front for my followers- like I live some unachievable fancy-pants life, because the truth is I don’t, and most digital influencers don’t live perfect lives although it might seem like that from Instagram. I have my share of struggles and problems and that is real life. This is my space to share my real life with you and I want to make this less cookie-cutter and more raw for you so stay tuned!

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