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XX Lip Balm: Meet the Creator

XX Lip Balm: Meet the Creator

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Hello Friends!

Hope you are all doing well and are full force into your holiday prep, cause I know I sure am. Speaking of holiday prep, a few weeks ago I got to chat with Sam, the creator of XX Lip Balm, and if you haven’t checked her stuff out yet, I think her products would be really great to gift your friends and family this season.

 Sam’s products are made right here in Canada and all natural. She gave me a few balms to try out, which I absolutely loved – they made my lips feel super moisturized, and as someone who always suffers from chapped lips (it’s Calgary -let’s face it), this was really refreshing. She also gave me a coffee scrub to try out, I used it all over my body in the shower and my skin felt really soft afterwards. Sam explained to me she uses avocado oil in her products, which is soothing for your skin.  Overall I really enjoyed using her products.

I always love meeting young entrepreneurs and I love brands that are all natural, so naturally I felt very connected to this brand. I had Sam answer some questions behind her brand for you guys:

How did you come up with the concept for the brand?

Sam: After working at a cosmetic store for seven years and being an overall product junkie, I always felt like lip balm was never good enough. It was either colorful, a thoughtless point of purchase item, or made from sub par ingredients which made you reapply it every ten minutes.  When I set out to do XX,  I wanted the concept is to be honestly good lip balm that evolved every year and that it is inherently part of your routine.

What is the mission behind the brand?

Sam: XX is limited and locally made quality lip balm for men and women who want natural and quirky, yet simple, long lasting positive products for every day. Although, each of the balms look the same on the outside- it’s what is on the inside that counts.

Where can I buy your products?

Sam: I sell my product at The Livery and Meraki Supply co. here in Calgary. If you haven’t shopped there yet- what are you waiting for!! They both sell some great local brands which I believe have similar beliefs. You can also order online Here.

What is next?

Sam: The new season! Next year we will have an all brand new line of lip balms in July which I’m hoping to incorporate some new ingredients. Perhaps there will be more products but that’s in testing mode and to come!

What advice would you give to anyone trying to start their own beauty brand?

Sam: My advice is from my very short lived experience so I must start off with that before you take any advice from me!

I think when you start a business or any new venture one of the most important things is identify what would constitute as failure. The hardest part of starting a business is actually just going for it because of the fear of failure.

For me, when I narrowed down what would be “failure” I searched out an action plan to remediate any setbacks. Not to mention if you figure out what curveballs could be thrown into the mix you can also find out ways to mitigate them. I should note that I’m sure there are some obstacles to come but I’ll worry about the things I can control for now.

My second piece of advice is go with your gut. If you are doing something and something doesn’t feel right- DON’T DO IT! So if someone suggests a concept and you’re thinking “hmm I’ve seen that before and it might be a little too close to home if we take that idea” go with that instinct you might be doing something wrong.  If something feels right and you get this brimming feelings of excitement in your stomach then you’re probably onto something and run with it.

Lastly, really work hard to build a thick skin- and mind you I am still working on this. When I saw that a few of my friends unfollowed my Instagram for XX or when I was having troubles getting the right labels because I got push-back from my manufacturer, well, this really got to me! Even when you’re a sole entrepreneur you have to remember there is a line between who you are and what is just business. I still find this a struggle but it comes down to the fact that you can’t control what other people do or say and that’s okay. The best you can do is to beat to your own drum and keep on keeping on with what you think is right for your business.

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Well said girl! Keep doing your thing!


Lots of Love



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