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A Blushing Holiday

A Blushing Holiday

Hello Girlfriends!

There is only two workdays left until Christmas break and I couldn’t be more excited. I just feel brain-dead and in desperate need for some R&R. Christmas-time is always the best because it is one of the few times a year that our whole family is together for a whole week. We catch up, hang out, share meals, and just relax; it really is the best time. I call it therapeutic, because it truly is.

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In other news, yes I did chop my hair, and I absolutely love it. I am now rocking a long bob (LOB). I had done this with my hair about two years ago, really liked it, but then started growing my hair back out for the wedding. I was ready to get a haircut right after the wedding, but I am in between hair stylists right now and I was being picky on where to go get it done. I ended up finding a great little boutique salon called Vanity Vault here in Calgary; I had a good experience and would definitely go back.

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My obsession with all things blush continues with this dress I picked up at H&M the other day. I think I will wear it to our Christmas family get-together on the 24th. I really like the bell sleeves; it adds the perfect bit of detailing to make the piece unique. I paired it with fishnet stockings to add a little more glam to the look for a holiday party.

Lastly, around this time of the year, I always reflect on how the year went, what I need to work on and what went well for me in all aspects of my life. This year I realized that the one thing I want to practice more in my life is empathy. Sometimes I find myself being judgmental of people at surface level without knowing their situation. When I remind myself to be more sensitive and think deeper into why someone is the way they are or why they did something a certain way it immediately changes my thoughts towards them. It is definitely something I want to work on a lot more in 2017.

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Happy Holidays!



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