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Top Moments of 2016

Top Moments of 2016

Hi Lovelies,

I cannot believe that I am already writing a top moments of 2016 post. I feel like the year has just flown by. While 2015 was a year of immense personal growth for me, I feel that 2016 was a year of following through on that growth. 

Here are some of my top moments of the year: 

1. Growing as a blogger 

This year I worked hard to grow this platform and I created content that I am truly proud of. I had amazing opportunities to work with some of my favourite brands, and these opportunities were really a dream come true. My work was showcased in the Metro Newspaper, which was also a great and proud moment for me this year. 

I pushed myself this year to be a better writer, take my photography and editing skills to the next level, and create overall high quality aesthetics for my blog and social channels. I didn't think I could get anymore passionate about blogging, but I did. My successes this year have given me even more drive to be better. I am truly passionate about this platform and this space and can't wait to grow even more as a blogger in 2017. 

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2. Trip to San Fransisco 

This trip stands out for me this year because it came at a very fitting time. I remember feeling stressed out from wedding planning and we were also in the middle of searching for a house to live in after the wedding. I decided to get away for a few days to visit my two cousins and clear my head. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from real-life and come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on challenges in your life again. 


3. Bridal Shower 

My sister and cousins threw me a gorgeous bridal shower. It was the first event to kick off the wedding festivities and made me feel truly special to have such amazing women in my life. I was so excited to wear this dress which I had purchased so far in advance (typical Sheena). 


4. Joint Bachelorette Party in Kelowna 

Over the July long weekend my best friend and I had a joint Bachelorette party in Kelowna. We got 20 of our best girlfriends together and had one awesome weekend. It's very rare that you can get all the special gals in your life together for a trip like this one, it made me feel really special have all these lovely ladies there to celebrate us. 

5. The Wedding 

After more than a year of planning the wedding week had finally arrived. Up till the night before the first event (the henna party) I remember K and I running around like crazy chickens ensuring everything was in place for our guests. I remember having to tell myself over and over again "you can get through this Sheena" because I was that overwhelmed. 

It ended up being one of the best weeks of my entire life. Just like the bridal shower and bachelorette party I was thankful to have all the women I loved together, at the wedding I was thankful to have everyone I loved together for a week. It was once in a lifetime to have both my mom and dads (there is a lot of them) side of the family together. My grandma flew all the way from India just for the wedding and I haven't seen her in 15 years. It was really special to be able to re-connect with her and spend time with her. I felt truly blessed to have such a big support system to be there with me as I entered this new chapter in my life. 


6. Honeymooning in St.Lucia 

After one crazy wedding week and an awful few days of the stomach flu we found ourselves in the magical paradise of St.Lucia. Up till this point in the year it had just been go-go-go for both K and I so this vacation was truly necessary. We were so exhausted we did a whole lot of nothing on this trip and it was great. We caught up to sleep, relaxed on the beach, swam in the ocean, ate well-prepared meals. I couldn't have asked for anything more in a honeymoon. 


7. Marrying my best friend 

After the novelty of the wedding and the honeymoon wore off, it was just K and I, and it was a wonderful feeling that this amazing human is my partner in life. He is truly my best friend and has been for years. I feel blessed that I got to marry him this year. 

8. Moving into our new home 

K and I buying our first home together was something really special. It was the first big purchase we have made as a couple #adulting. It was a really great learning experience, I learned a lot when it comes to financing, what to look for in a realtor, what to look for when purchasing a new home- these are all such valuable life skills that I will hold with me for the rest of my life. 

For the first time in our lives we had this space that was only ours and we could design it however we pleased. We love furnishing our house slowly with pieces that we absolutely love, we love cooking together in our kitchen, and we love entertaining friends and family in our space together. 


9. The Holidays 

Moving into our new home was special, but the holidays in our home was really something else. K and I got to create our own traditions and host our own get-togethers. We had the best time. 


10. Tree-lined street

Sometimes it is the small things that make life wonderful. One of the best things about living inner-city in an older neighbourhood are the beautiful tree-lined streets. I wish I had a nice picture of our street in the fall, because it goregous, but winter is just as nice. 


Thank you for supporting me throughout this wonderful journey in 2016. I would not be able to pursue this passion of mine without all the wonderful love I get from my readers. 

Cheers to 2016 

Lots of Love


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