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DIY Marble Side Tables

DIY Marble Side Tables

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Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent half of my Sunday completing my first ever IKEA hack.

What is an IKEA hack you ask?

IKEA is a great source for affordable and basic furniture. After purchasing basic pieces from IKEA you can add your own DIY touch to customize hack your IKEA purchase into something unique.

As an avid reader of many style blogs I have seen some amazing pieces created with IKEA hacks. Since this was my first attempt at one, I wanted to do something relatively easy on the DIY scale.

I have been looking for marble side tables for our living room for a few months now. I am on a budget when it comes to furnishing our home, and I couldn’t find any options I liked in my budget. On a recent trip to IKEA I found these LACK side tables on sale for only ten dollars each! I bought them right there and then and decided that I would create my own marble side tables. Each table only cost me fifteen dollars to make which is incredible, not to mention they look great!

Here are the steps I followed:

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Side tables - IKEA

Marble Contact Paper - Home Depot


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·         Assemble the side tables following the instructions received with them

·         Measure out your contact paper to the size of the top of the table and cut

·         Peel the backing from the paper to expose the adhesive

·         Place the adhesive side down on top of the table and smooth out any air bubbles (it works best to start in the center and work your way out to avoid air bubbles)

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My first IKEA hack was a success. It was a really fun way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon. I look forward to trying out more of these DIYs and sharing them with you. 

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