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'Tis the Season- Shop My Holiday Picks

'Tis the Season- Shop My Holiday Picks

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Hi Lovelies!

Holiday season is upon us already. That means holiday parties and get togethers galore. Whether it is work parties or gatherings with family and friends; we can all agree that December is a busy month on the social calendar. Dressing for the holidays is one of my favourite parts of the season (obviously). You need to make sure you are a prepared with a few holiday numbers in your wardrobe so that you are not scrambling last minute to find something to wear to a holiday party.

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Some of my go-to’s when looking for holiday outfits are:

·         Deeper colours (black, burgundy, forest green, navy blue)

·         Faux fur

·         Sparkles

·         Velvet

·         Statement earrings

I found this gorgeous velvet print dress from Winners the other day. It is by Cupcakes and Cashmere and I got it for a steal of a deal- you've got to love Winners for amazing surprise finds.

I have linked some of my picks for holiday outfits below, happy shopping!

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