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Spring at Dynamite

Spring at Dynamite


Spring has sprung, maybe not with the weather, but definitely with my wardrobe. As I am writing this and looking out my window, there is snow falling and it has been all day. Hopefully the weather catches up to my wardrobe soon, because spring at Dynamite is just too cute to wait any longer.


I have been eyeing this pair of high-rise embroidered jeans since early March. I saw them at the store a few times and couldn’t stop thinking about them. That’s how you know it’s meant to be. I went and bought a pair for myself just the other weekend and have already worn them several times. These are going to be a spring staple for me. I like the fit of the jeans, and I also like that the embroidery is subtle, but still gives the jeans a bit of character.

Embroidered jeans aside, I am always a huge fan of Dynamite. Their spring/summer collection is on point this year. I feel like I could buy the entire store. They have some really great floral prints as well as some really great basics to get you ready for the summer. I really like how all their pieces are so versatile; I can easily style them for work in the day, and also to go out at night without a problem.


I also want to give a shout-out to Pretty Lights Photography for collaborating with me on this shoot. I have known Arezoo from a few years ago when we worked at a job together. It was so nice re-connecting with her and being able to work with her on this. She is extremely talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. I always feel nervous when I am working with someone new ­ - being an introvert and all, but Arezoo has amazing energy and made me feel comfortable right away. I was surprised with myself at how quickly I warmed up. She really brings a lot of energy and creativity to her work and it inspired me. If you are ever looking for a photographer in the Calgary area you should definitely reach out to her.




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