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Sears Canada!

Sears Canada!


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon with some fellow blogger babes hosted by Sears Canada and fashion expert Liv Judd.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…Sears- only my grandma shops there. I went in to the luncheon thinking the exact same thing as you, but I was happily surprised.  We got to take a look at some of their Spring/Summer 17’ Women’s Apparel and Accessories and I was shocked that I actually really liked almost everything they pulled for us. This collection is super stylish and super affordable. I found this adorable jean jacket I am rocking here for thirty dollars – it’s really reasonable.

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In addition to the new collection, Sears also launched a new section called “The Cut” which is a section of the store that features designer brands at 30-60% off regular prices.  The Cut launched in stores on April 1 – and I popped into a store just the other day to check it out for myself. It is very comparable to a Winners or Nordstrom Rack type concept.  I was really pleased with the designer collection and the prices.

So to sum things up for you fashionistas, Sears rolled out some really great changes in the last little bit, and it is worth checking out. It’s not just your grandma’s favourite store anymore.

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Outfit Details:

Jean Jacket - Thank you Sears Canada 



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