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Iced Chai Tea Latte

Iced Chai Tea Latte

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Over the summer months I have been deeply obsessed with Iced Chai Tea Lattes. I have been craving them so often, especially on hot summer days.

When I am at work I usually get them from Deville Café in downtown Calgary (they are amazing and probably the best one I have ever tasted), but I decided to make my own for when I get the craving at home. They are super simple to make.

The recipe I made uses chai masala – this is a ground spice power which contains cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. I bought mine from a local market – but you can easily make this powder at home, or even add the whole spices to your boiling water and strain them out before you serve.

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Recipe (serves 2):


·  2 cups of water

·  1 teaspoon of chai masala

·  2 black tea bags

·  2 tablespoons of brown sugar or honey

·  Almond milk


·  In a medium sized saucepan bring the water to a boil.

·  Add the chai masala, tea bags and honey. Turn the heat off. Let the tea steep for 10 minutes.

·  Transfer the hot tea to a pitcher and place in the fridge until chilled.

·  To serve, fill a glass with ice. Pour the tea until the glass is ¾ of the way full.

·  Fill the remaining glass with almond milk.  



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