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How to Road Trip Croatia (7-Day Intinerary)

How to Road Trip Croatia (7-Day Intinerary)


Kunal and I both felt like it was time for a vacation, it had been a while, and we were itching to go back to Europe. We both love city vacations, but were craving a little bit of beach time as well, so we began thinking about potential destinations. A friend of mine suggested Croatia.

Gorgeous beaches, incredible national parks, nice weather, and Game of Thrones vibes are all reasons why Croatia was an amazing country to travel to. Croatia is unbelievably beautiful, I had to pinch myself so many times, because the views looked like something out of a dream (I am not exaggerating). It was one of the best trips I have ever been on.

To get to Croatia, we first booked a round trip from Calgary to London via WestJet – we got some good pricing on our tickets. We then booked round trip flights from London to Split on EasyJet that were also reasonably priced.

Now, here comes the tricky part. We wanted to tour the whole country, which is why we decided to fly into Split and rent a car. There is really no other convenient way to travel around the country other than car (it reminded me of Canada in that way). I was nervous about the car rental because we didn't have experience driving in Europe before, but they drive on the same side as us, and driving around ended up being straight forward. If you don’t want to do this, I would recommend only visiting Dubrovnik and flying in and out right from there. You will not need a car in Dubrovnik, and it was the most-picturesque of all the places we visited.

Fair warning: when we were reserving our car rental on Expedia from a company called SIXT, Expedia told us it would cost us $200 CAD for the entire 7-day car rental. I was a little surprised by how cheap it was, but went with it. When we got to the car rental place to pick up our car in Split, the company ended up adding on these additional mandatory charges which made our car rental price 500 Euros! Almost 5 times the price we were initially expecting, I still have to take this up with Expedia, but just a heads up if you do want to go with the car rental option.

For accommodation, we booked AirBNB’s in Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split – we had good experiences with all of them, and I think an AirBNB would be the best way to go to get an authentic and reasonably priced experience.

Most of the places we visited were touristy, meaning the price for things like food was really similar to what you would pay in Canada for a meal. Even though Croatia is part of the EU, they don’t use the Euro, they use Croatian Kuna.

Here is the itinerary we followed for the road trip:

Day 1:

·   AM: Fly into Split from London (2 hrs)

·   Drive to Dubrovnik (3 hr Drive)

Day 2:

·  Dubrovnik

Day 3:

·  Took the ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar. Drevnik to Succaraj ports (total 3 hr    journey) 

Day 4:

·  Hvar

Day 5:

· Took the ferry from Hvar back to Split (1 hr) 

Day 6:

·  Day trip from Split to KrKa National Park (1 hr each way)

Day 7:

·  PM: Flight back to London (2 hrs) 

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