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Staying In Is The New Going Out

Staying In Is The New Going Out


Spring has sprung, and I am coming out of what seems like a long winter’s rest. Over the past few months, I literally have not left my house except to go to work or school. I have wanted to do nothing more than sleep, eat, curl up on the couch watching Netflix and be cozy at home.

Winter or not, the truth is I love my house, I love being a homeowner, and I have become such a homebody since being a homeowner. My space is my sanctuary, it is where I feel the most at peace, the most creative, and have the most fun, believe it or not (my 20-year old self would have never guessed that my 27-year old self would be saying this). I think becoming a homeowner is probably one of the best/smartest decisions I have made in the past two years.


Let me tell you a few of the reasons why I feel this way:

Increase in Freedom:

In your home, you can create the space you’ve always wanted and have full creative control. I am a strong believer in the energy of a space, and in your home, you get to control that. We wanted our house to feel really light and airy to create a calm and happy environment and that is exactly what we did. We have a lot of white finishings in the home and have decorated with pastel accents. The best part is, the second we want to change things up and redesign anything, we can and don’t have to ask anyone (like a landlord, etc.) – we can just do it. 

Owning a home also gives you the comfort and stability that you will be in a certain place for a certain period of time vs. renting which can be a little unstable and more short-term; so you can truly spend the time to make the space how you want.



Being homeowners, we entertain A LOT. Kunal and I both love having friends and family over and prefer entertaining at home vs. going out somewhere. When we want to spend time with our loved ones, we’d much rather invite them over, make a nice and healthy meal at home, and have real, in-person conversations about life.

The best part of entertaining in your space is that it can be set-up for how you like to entertain. In our home, we love the fact that we have a large island in the kitchen. This is where we do most of our entertaining. It’s nice because guests can be seated on the bar stools and enjoy some appetizers and cocktails while we are cooking in the same space, so we are still connected to our guests, and it becomes an interactive part of the night.


Generate Rental Income:

When we were searching for a home, we knew that we wanted a home with a secondary suite we could use to generate rental income. As a young couple, it was important for us to be able to generate rental income from our home. There are only two of us so we can definitely afford to give up some space; we would never use all the space in our home between the two of us anyways. Having a secondary suite also helps us out on our mortgage payment every month, and this is a huge help to us financially.  Having a tenant allows you to use your rental income to pay off your debt.

When we were in the market for purchasing a new home, we had to look around a lot for a home that fit our requirements and us. Something that met our needs in terms of location, pricing, design, and amenities.

I was introduced to a new community in Calgary called CornerBrook, and I am happy to be collaborating with them on this post to share why home ownership can be the best thing ever. Even though Kunal and I already own a home, this community really stood out to me, which is why I thought it would be important to share with all of you, especially if you are thinking of owning a home in the near future. I recently had the opportunity to tour one of the Cardel showhomes in the neighbourhood and capture some of the photos you see here to give you a glimpse into what living in CornerBrook looks like. You can learn more about the new community here, but I can also tell you some of the things that I find most exciting about it now that I’ve had a chance to check it out for myself:

·   You can buy homes in this community with secondary suites that will allow for rental opportunities. This is huge because it was probably one of the most frustrating parts of our home search: finding a home that had a built-in secondary suite. We actually had to have our builder customize (which cost us more $$) part of our home so that we could have a secondary suite that worked for us. The fact that homes in this community already come with this is amazing, especially if you are hoping to generate some rental revenue.

·  Spice kitchens are special features that can be added into homes in this community. A spice kitchen is a secondary, smaller kitchen in your home where you can cook food with strong aromas such as curries or other spicy foods. It’s popular for people who love entertaining (like us) so that there is additional space for preparing food beyond the view of the guests. Often times when we are entertaining, I am scrambling to clean up the kitchen so our guests aren’t looking at a messy stove-top or a sink full of dishes – especially since our kitchen is our main entertaining area. Having a spice kitchen would mean the mess of the cooking is hidden and we can enjoy our meal without having to look at a pile of dirty dishes. I could see this feature being a game changer for entertaining.

·    There are lots of amenities such as green spaces and shopping areas near-by. CornerBrook is actually over 30% green space – which means there are endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and stay active close to home (especially now that winter is finally over). And the nearby amenities are definitely a plus because they make it easier to run quick errands without having to leave your own community. This also makes entertaining less stressful when you can pop out to pick up everything you need to make a delicious meal with only a few minutes of travel time.

·   And the best part is that homes in CornerBrook start in the 320’s!


If you have any questions about home ownership feel free to reach out, I would love to chat!


Lots of Love,





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