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The Essential Skill to Create Your Dream Job

The Essential Skill to Create Your Dream Job


Hi Friends!

Today I am sharing part one of a new series I am launching on entrepreneurship. It is a topic I am deeply passionate about and really excited to write about! I am reflecting on some of my experiences in starting my own business and my thoughts on what makes a successful entrepreneur. Stay tuned in coming weeks as I will get K to guest post on the topic as well.

Ever since I was little I was always a creator. Whether that was arts & crafts at school, creating my own clothes from the left over fabrics in my grandma’s sewing bag, or designing websites for fun. As I grew older, I was unsure exactly what I wanted to do as a career. Even throughout my degree, all I knew was that whatever it was, I wanted to build it on my own and I wanted to be passionate about it.

As I moved into the workforce, I realized that our generation, the Millennial generation, is very different from previous generations, and many companies have yet to adapt to the resulting changing workforce. Companies are still very much catered to the Baby Boomers who don’t mind a rigid corporate structure as long it’s providing them with economic security, where as Millennials really value a fulfilling and flexible career over a stable one (is this ringing a bell with you?).

 This feeling has fueled the birth of Millennials who started creating their own jobs because they don’t find fulfillment in a traditional job structure. Free-lancing and self-employment are on the rise, and 60% of Millennials consider themselves to be entrepreneurs.

This brings me to the part where I am going to share the skills that have allowed me to be a #girlboss and create my dream job. I’m not writing this to toot my own horn, I am writing this to let you know that turning a blog, or any digital platform into a business is a very attainable goal. The goal isn’t to be famous, or get thousands of likes on Instagram. The goal is to be independent and successful. 

The future is digital. We have all heard this so many times, but what does this actually mean for us and our generation in the workforce? This is especially important to understand if you want to be an entrepreneur. Today, there is not a single aspect of our lives that technology does not touch – from communicating with others, social media, education, banking, and healthcare to just name a few. Yet in our schools, incorporating things like coding into curriculums was not enforced. The truth is, if we don’t understand technology, we won’t understand the world around us in this day and age. If you are not educated in tech you are putting yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to creating your dream job or starting up your own business.  

Coding or an aptitude for technology is a basic literacy that every entrepreneur needs to excel in today.

I was fortunate to be exposed to technology and pick up foundational digital skills from a very young age, and it has allowed me to create this platform for myself which is now my business. I admit, I wasn’t always comfortable with coding or learning how to use new software, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. It is important to be self-reliant, in your own business nothing happens until you make it happen, and you can’t rely on others to make your vision come to life. As the creator of this blog I am able make changes to the layout whenever I please because I designed it, I don’t have to deal with a third-party developer who I have to go back and forth with so he or she can understand what I want (if you have ever attempted to do this you know how annoying it is). Even if I did want to use a developer, having  foundational skills allows me to communicate better with designers and prevents me from getting taken advantage of.  

The digital world is always changing, and you can’t just expect to learn a new skill once and be good to go forever. I think it’s important to be aware of your environment, be an early-adopter, don’t be afraid of technology, and keep learning new things.

Bottom line – a key part of being an entreprenuer is understanding technology because its an integral part of everything we do. Set a goal, start small if you have to, learn as much as you can, and most importantly, have fun.

Being a geek can be chic!



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