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The Shortest Day

Yesterday marked the shortest day of the year. I went out for a walk around 4 pm just as the sun was setting and got to witness the most beautiful view. I feel as though now a days we become so consumed with the lives of other people, largely through social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), sometimes we don't even realize how beautiful our own backyard is. We feel pressure to constantly stay connected in order to know what's going on in the world at all times (at least I do).  It's amazing how good it feels to unplug, clear your head and appreciate what you have instead of constantly comparing your life to all the images of perfection you are bombarded with over social media each day.  As the year winds down, I am finding time to reflect upon the past year and take some time for myself. I am looking forward to relaxing and spending some quality time with friends and family over the holidays. 

On a lighter note... outfit of the day! ..Lately I have been really into the sporty chic look - mixing sporty pieces such as the puffer vest and leggings with some chic pieces, like the camel turtle neck and black jacket I am wearing below: 

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Outfit Details:

Jacket - Michael Kors

Top- Zara

Puffer Vest - Forever 21

Leggings - lululemon

Shoes (Similar)-Nike

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