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Three Ingredient Strawberry Ice-Cream

Sheena Virmani

ice cream 5.jpg

Warm summer days to me means a trip to one of my favourite ice-cream shops to indulge in a scoop or two of my favourite strawberry flavor on a waffle cone.

So creamy and delicious, it actually tastes like summer.    

ice cream 1.jpg

I’ve always been fascinated with making my own ice-cream, but not to the extent that I invest in an ice-cream maker. I started seeing these recipes online for basically three-ingredient no churn ice-cream and decided to try it out for myself over the weekend.

It was incredibly good, and the best part is it was super easy to make.

ice cream 3.jpg

This is by no means a healthy recipe. Recipes like this generally don’t get made in my house, but once in while it’s nice to just indulge and not worry about the fat content or calories.

ice cream 4.jpg

I used this recipe: Here

The recipe is for strawberry ice-cream, but you could easily adapt the base – which is whipped cream and condensed milk for any flavor you wish to make.

ice cream 2.jpg