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Edible Valentines

When February rolls around I start thinking of Valentine's day treats. I decided to bake these heart shaped Linzer Torte cookies to start off the month on a sweet note. Follow this recipe Here to make your own edible Valentines. 


Experiment with different sizes of cookie cutters to see which ones you like best. We thought the large heart shaped cookie looked best with a medium sized cut out in the centre, as the small heart cut out didn’t look as proportional. 


We found the dough crumbly and a little hard to work with. I recommend rolling out the dough and freezing it for 10-15 minutes before cutting out your cookies.


We finished off the cookies with a dusting of powdered sugar to add some contrast, and packaged them up in cute little treat boxes.


Verdict: The cookies were a hit, and definitely sure to brighten up that special someone’s day.

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