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Pink Bubbles

Leather is one of my favourite materials to wear in the fall. I posted a couple weeks ago about how I went a little crazy for H&M's fall collection, and this is where I found these great pants. I find them to be a bit more chic then regular leather pants because of the detailing on the knees. They are so versatile, and you can easily dress them up for a night out, or down for a more casual look (like I did below).  I think next week I will show you how I styled them dressed up. 

Side note: This is the first time I had Hubba Bubba bubble gum in years! I had so much fun blowing ginormous bubbles for this shoot! 

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Outfit Details:

Top - Forever 21

Bottoms - H&M 

Shoes - Expression

Feeling Grey In DC

Floppy Hat and Waffles

Floppy Hat and Waffles