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I love wearing “fun” outfits on the weekends because I generally have to dress business casual during the week – which I try to make fun, but can be a little repetitive at times.  Here is an outfit I wore out on a coffee date over the weekend.  I immediately fell in love with this crop top when I saw it, it is so laid back and casual; the exact opposite of professional, and that is why I enjoyed wearing it so much on the weekend (I like to dress to my mood sometimes). Also, couldn’t help but pick up this amazing statement ring I found on my last visit to H&M – if you haven’t checked out  their fall collection, they have some fantastic work pieces (blog posts to come!!). 

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Outfit Details:

Skirt - Mango

Top – Forever 21

Ring - H&M

Purse - Kate Spade 

Lip Colour - BITE

Sunday Chic

Sunday Chic

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