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Mid-Afternoon Stroll

Mid-Afternoon Stroll


If you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE fall. I know it means that colder days are upon us but I love the colours, and most of all I love the fashion. I literally could not wait to start pulling out my chunky knits and leggings once September arrived.

 Being from Canada where it is cold for a good 8 months out of the year I have a lot of layering pieces in my wardrobe, and fall is perfect for layering. This longline knit vest I am wearing below is one of my favourite fall layering pieces because of its versatility. It adds a little something extra a lot of my outfits for the season and makes my look feel put together. Another one of my staple pieces for the season are a good pair of leather leggings (these are stretchier than you might think and that’s why they are so great), I got away with wearing mine to Thanksgiving dinner and didn’t feel uncomfortable once even after all that food!

On this particular afternoon I was out for a walk. It’s something I encourage everyone to do. It can be really refreshing to go out and enjoy the beauty of the season. Not everyone gets to enjoy fall colours where they live, so if it is colourfully beautiful where you are, my advice would be to go out and take it all in before it starts to snow. 


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