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Winter Layers

Winter Layers

Layering has been everything this winter, it is especially useful in a city like Calgary where the weather tends to change frequently without any notice. I have seen a lot of fashionistas everywhere rocking layered looks - they are adding chunky sweaters/cardigans, blanket scarves, and finishing off with a jacket or coat.

My main concern when layering is making sure my outfit doesn't look bulky, and the key to this is ensuring your first few layers are fitted. Playing with texture also helps to reduce the bulkiness of the outfit and it is an important part of getting the look right. Have fun with the textures, I sure did- below is my take on layering, and you can see I mixed chunky knits, leather, and lace. The lace detailing on the skirt is my favourite part of the outfit! 

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Outfit Details:

Chunky Sweater - Top Shop

Leather Jacket - Top Shop

Skirt - Ralph Lauren

Spring is around the corner

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Tart