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Fringed Romper

Fringe has been having a well-deserved moment in the fashion scene. If you are looking to adopt this trend into your wardrobe but are scared of looking too "Coachella" try looking for pieces with subtle fringe detailing. Below you can see me wearing a romper with fringe detailing around the waist. I was okay with this detailing because I felt like I was able to wear the trend but it didn't overwhelm the look.

Shopping around I have seen fringe on everything from ankle boots, vests, and handbags (some in subtle detailing and some not so subtle). This Fall try incorporating some fringe into your wardrobe. Fringe is fun! 

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Outfit Details:

Romper- Dynamite

Army Jacket (Similar) - Tobi

Ankle Boots - Zara

Oversized Scarves