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A Cozy Weekend

How is it already Monday?! The weekend just flew right by, and it sure didn’t help that it was FREEZING here in Calgary over the weekend (I felt very unproductive). I found myself hibernating all of Saturday and most of Sunday catching up on Netflix, except when I stepped out to run an errand. After being in cozy jammies all weekend the one time I did decide to step out I wanted to look cute before hurrying home to get right back into PJ mode.

When it is cold I always like covering my head with something – either a toque or a hat, I find if my head stays warm the rest of my body doesn’t freeze up as easily.

This blazer from Zara is a Boxing Day find. It’s a little oversized, which is why I liked it, I can wear it to work as a blazer on the weekdays and it doubles as a coat with a casual outfit on the weekends. It keeps me really warm, and I decided to pair it with an oversized blanket scarf which has been a seasonal fav of mine to stay even warmer.

As much as I don’t enjoy cold weather, I do enjoy cozy weekends. 


Outfit Details:

Blazer (the colour I have is sold out) - Zara

Wool Hat- H&M

Scarf (Similar) - Dynamite

Jeans- Top Shop

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