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Why I Love Coconut Oil

Why I Love Coconut Oil


I thought I would share one of my favourite beauty secrets for the winter with you all today.

 I suffer from extremely dry skin especially in the winter. Here in Calgary, the climate is super dry. Most of the year it is manageable- but I find in the winter it really starts to take a toll on my skin and hair. I use coconut oil all year long for all sorts of things, but it especially comes in handy at this time of the year.  

Here are some of the ways I use coconut oil:

Moisturizer for skin:

I find a little bit of coconut oil works better than any off the shelf moisturizer for dry skin. I usually use it on my skin after I shower to keep it feeling soft all winter long –now, be conscious that you don’t use too much because it can get greasy really quick. You only need a tiny amount; a little goes a long way!

Hair mask:

I massage coconut oil into my scalp and hair a couple of hours before I shower and this leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny for the week. This is usually a Sunday activity for me when I have a couple of hours of spare time at home doing errands, or you could even apply the oil and leave it over night before washing out the next morning.


I am all about the au natural make-up look and am always looking for ways to cut out toxic make-up products from my daily routine.  Often times our make-up is loaded with harmful ingredients that are not always the best for you in the long term. I have started using a dab of coconut oil on the tops of my cheekbones for a more natural highlight and really love how it helps me to achieve an everyday look.

For Acne:

This may be one of my favourite uses for coconut oil. Coconut oil is a great anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial (which means it helps fight infection). Applying it on your zits reduces the chance of infection, speeds up the healing process and reduces redness.


So there you have it. Once you start incorporating coconut oil into your beauty routine it’s hard to use anything else!

I have also linked my favourite brand of coconut oil right here: Costco



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