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Valentine's Day Breakfast


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and it is the perfect opportunity to share some love with the people in your life. Surprising my loved ones with breakfast in bed is one of my favourite things to do for the people I love. Simple gestures can have a big impact and doing something as small as making someone breakfast can really make their day. This Valentine’s I am straying away from buying store-bought gifts and focusing on gestures and handmade gifts as I find them to be much more meaningful.  


Here are some of my favourite items for putting together a Valentine’s Day breakfast:

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters - Williams Sonoma

Heart & Stripes Mug - Indigo

Fur Throw- Indigo

PJ’s - ShopBop

Vintage Milk Bottles - ETSY

His & Hers #OOTD

Why I Love Coconut Oil

Why I Love Coconut Oil