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His & Hers #OOTD


On our off days K and I love to hang out and run errands, believe it or not (and as nerdy as it sounds), it is actually one of our favourite activities to do together.  He is a full-time entrepreneur and always has very long and random to-do lists and I of course love to come along for the adventure.

After being together for as long as we have, planning actual dates/activities doesn’t seem as important anymore. We find we have the best days when nothing is really scheduled and we go with the flow.

That being said, on these days we like to keep our outfits comfortable but still trendy. We need something that could take us from running errands to perhaps grabbing a nice lunch or dinner out, or wherever the day takes us. 


Her Outfit:

Body Suit - Missguided

Skirt - Missguided

Jacket- Zara


His Outfit:

Joggers - ASOS

Hoodie - ASOS

Sneakers- Zara

PS. let me know if you like the "his & hers" outfit posts and would like to see more! 


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