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The DL on Denim on Denim

I always thought that denim on denim was a totally taboo subject, kind of like socks and sandals. I think the fashion world has really changed its opinion on this, as lately I’m noticing it has become more accepted. I decided to give it a try over the weekend, and I feel it makes for some chic casual wear.

Now, the rule book for styling denim on denim states you should always contrast washes when going for this look. I might disagree here a little bit, because below I am wearing a top and bottoms that are similar washes and this look works for me. I think it really depends on the pieces you are styling to ensure the look works. You want to make sure you have two pieces that fit you perfectly- baggy jeans and a baggy top is not a good look on anyone. When I do style this type of look, I am always trying to give off a super casual vibe so I really like to incorporate distressed denim if it works. Lastly, I always keep looks like this really simple on the accessories and shoes so it doesn’t look overly styled…chill vibes only (you feel me?).

What are your thoughts on the subject? I would love to know in the comments below!




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