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My Style

Less is More

Sheena Virmani

fall look.jpg

SO… the last time I posted about fashion, I had mentioned to you how I uncovered some truths about the fast fashion industry  through a documentary I watched on Netflix that didn’t sit too well with me.

Since then, I have done a little bit more research and learned more about the topic, and have even had some time to think about my next steps.

fall look 1.jpg

I realize that fast fashion has been so intertwined with this blog since it started basically, and the majority of my closet contains items from fast fashion retailers. I am not going to go and throw away all my items from retailers I no longer support. I am going to focus on is what I can control going forward, and that is my attitude towards shopping for new clothes and my wardrobe. I am going to consciously make an effort to think about each piece of clothing I buy and focus on creating a more classic wardrobe. If I can’t picture myself wearing an item more than a few times I will walk away from it. Overconsumption of fashion is a huge part of the fast fashion phenomenon. This new mindset while shopping will force me to buy things I can wear many times and focus on investing in fewer pieces that are better quality.

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