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Honeymoon in Saint Lucia

Sheena Virmani

The view from our room 

The view from our room 

Yesterday we returned from our fabulous honeymoon in Saint Lucia. I wish I could take credit for the location and the resort, but it was all K. He agreed to plan the honeymoon a couple of months ago while I was running around like a crazy chicken with its head cut off busy with the wedding planning. When discussing potential locations for our honeymoon, I was adamant that we did not go to a beachy “all-inclusive” type of resort.  I am a city girl through and through and find myself getting really bored on beach vacations. I am also always hesitant because of the food quality at some all-inclusive resorts. 

unnamed (14).jpg

So despite all the initial restrictions I gave K on the type of honeymoon we could go on.. we did end up going to an all-inclusive beach resort and this experience has completely changed my views on this type of vacation, but in a good way. If there is one thing I absolutely love about K, it’s that when he gets tasked with something, he loves to do his research (I’m talking A LOT of in-depth research), and this is why I married this man. He found a resort called The Body Holiday in Saint Lucia where the main focus is restoring the body and mind through relaxation, exercise, and great quality meals. Their tagline is “Give us your body for a week and we will give you back your mind”. The resort offers an endless list of activities everyday that are included in your stay. During our stay we took tennis, fencing, boxing, salsa, cooking, and Caribbean dance lessons.  We practiced yoga and meditated almost daily. We also went on bike rides, hikes, and participated in numerous other fitness classes throughout the day. The resort sources a lot of their food from their own organic garden, and there is a fresh juice bar which offers a variety of different juices and smoothies along with health benefit descriptions for each one. Each meal we had (buffet or a la cart) was unreal, and the food quality was very high. Also included in our stay was a daily spa treatment, which is quite possibly the best part of the whole deal. We got body massages, body scrubs, and massages focusing on the hands, feet, back, and scalp. 





High tea on the beach 

High tea on the beach 

Sushi dinner

Sushi dinner

The beautiful spa 

The beautiful spa 

unnamed (10).jpg

 I didn’t even realize I needed this type of vacation until I am sitting here at home a week later writing this post, feeling like a million bucks, and no this is not a sponsored post, we just loved this resort that much. After a year of working what felt like three full-time jobs (my regular 9-5, this blog, and wedding planning), I realized I had stopped taking care of myself and my body as there was simply no time. Although I always try to eat clean,  I didn’t give myself time to relax and only made time once a week for the gym/exercise, and after this vacation, I realized this is simply not enough. I stopped feeling like myself, I was always on edge, and my anxiety was flaring up all the time. Regular meditation and exercise is so important for me to feel balanced, and this vacation has helped me to kick-start these back into my daily routine. I have only ever gone for massages once or twice a year as a treat for myself, but what I realized through this vacation is that massages are very therapeutic for your body and mind and should be included in your regular routine (like once a month or even once a week if you have the means). Massages don’t only help with muscle tension, they help with anxiety, sleep, your immunity, digestion, and just to overall feel good.  

unnamed (9).jpg
unnamed (8).jpg
unnamed (12).jpg
unnamed (5).jpg
unnamed (6).jpg
Cocktails at sunset

Cocktails at sunset

Aside from all the good stuff I just mentioned, we also did regular vacation stuff like hang out on the beach, swim in the ocean, and enjoy some fruity cocktails. It really was the most wonderful time. K and I have vowed if we ever feel ourselves getting off balance again in taking care of our bodies we will return to The Body Holiday to get back on track. We both came back relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on married life and a string of exciting and challenging projects we have lined up for the next couple of months.

Lots of Love,

- S

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Travel Diary: San Fran

Sheena Virmani

If you follow me on social media you know that I was on spring break in San Francisco last week and boy was it nice! San Fran is by far one of my most favourite cities, so I was really excited that I got to go back and spend some more time there.

When packing for San Fran, it’s a good idea to bring a lot of light layering pieces. You never know with the weather there, even if the forecast is a bright and sunny 23 degrees, it can still feel breezy- especially by the water. We ended up being blessed with the weather, it was California hot and I enjoyed every minute of it– I even got a head start on my summer glow. 


Trip Highlights (snaps below are in order) 

·      Picnic at Alamo Park with the views of the Painted Ladies (literally the postcard street)


·      Ghiradelli Square for ice cream sundaes. 


·      Stumbling upon Baker Beach - the most stunning views of the Golden Gate and great for photo ops


·      Mr Holmes Bakehouse for the world famous Cruffins (a mix between a muffin and a croissant). Be warned that people start lining up at 8am for the Cruffins, and they only bake a set amount each day. Totally worth the wait! 


·      The views from the Cheesecake Factory rooftop at Union Square

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

·  Of course we had to make a stop at In-n-Out Burger for a burger, a strawberry shake and some animal style fries - one of my California favourites! 



Outfit 1:

 Top - Pacsun

 Denim Jacket -  Jcrew

Jeans - Jcrew


Outfit 2:

Crop Set - Lulus

Vest - Dynamite


After enjoying California for a week it was really hard to get back to work on Monday. However, it was a much needed, relaxing, and enjoyable vacation - I couldn't ask for anything more. 


Travel Diary: Vancouver

Sheena Virmani

If you live in Calgary (or anywhere for that matter), Vancouver is such an awesome long weekend getaway choice. I think it’s safe to say it is one of my most favourite cities in the Canada.  I decided to put together a quick city guide to let you know what I was up to this past weekend and I’m also going to include some of my “go-to” Vancouver spots that I visit once every so often when I’m in town.


How to Get There:

You can either fly (there’s often great deals on flights you just have to watch out for them), or you can drive up, the 10 hour drive may not be for everyone, but it is such a beautiful drive – you pass through the Rocky Mountains as well as the Okanogan and there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery. One of my favorite pit-stops for ice-cream is a local farm, Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous, BC. 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Where to Stay:

It can be pricey to stay in a hotel in Downtown Vancouver, but if you want to be in the center of all the action try renting out a condo on AIR BNB for your stay. There are some very nice condos on there and often these are a little more affordable then a hotel. 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Where to Eat:

If you are looking for breakfast/lunch or a quick bite to eat Breka Bakery & Cafe is my go to place. There are three locations downtown so you are bound to be near one.

For dinner, my favourite spot to go to is Cactus Club, English Bay. It is probably one of the nicest patios in the city that opens up onto the beach with a spectacular view of the ocean. This is a MUST in Vancouver, even if it’s just for a drink to take in the view! 


What to Do:

Shopping – Robson Street

Beach – Sunset Beach

Bike riding- There are plenty of bike rental shops along Denman Street and you can ride along the sea wall through Stanley Park (very beautiful).

Suspension Bridges and Hikes:  Lynn Canyon Park (free) or Capilano Suspension Bridge Park(entrance fee).

Other: Vancouver Aquarium, Granville Island Public Market


How to Travel In Style

Sheena Virmani

Summer is only a few days away and that only means one thing...VACATION! I've compiled a list of some of my favourite travel accessories to keep you looking and feeling stylish while on holiday. 

Summer Shades:


ALDO Accessories 

ALDO Accessories 

Summer Swim:

Victoria's Secret 

Victoria's Secret 

Summer Passport Holder:

Tory Burch

Summer Clicks:


Travel Diary: Amsterdam

Sheena Virmani

How to Get There: 

On a recent trip to Paris, we decided to make a quick two day trip to Amsterdam. We were debating flying or taking the train - it was almost the same price because we were booking so last minute (if you book 3-4 months in advance the train is WAAYY cheaper), in the end we decided to take the train and I'm happy we did.  It was a three hour train ride, you show up to the platform two minutes before departure time and you don't need to go through security, so definitely much less of a hassle then flying. If you are going to be travelling here from any European city within a couple hours of distance I definitely suggest you take the train. 

Where to Stay: 

We stayed at the Amsterdam Inntel Hotel, it was a really great location about a 10 minute walk from Dam Square and central to lots of shopping and food areas. The rooms were small (as expected in any European city) but clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced for the location. If you are going to be staying in Amsterdam you want to be as close to Dam Square as possible. 


Where to Visit: 

Every European city has a slightly similar feel to it, but has it's own unique charm at the same time, and Amsterdam is no different. One of the things Amsterdam is most known for is it's elaborate canal system. You will find canals running throughout the city, and you can even take a city cruise through the canals, it is a great way to see the city. Another great way to see the city is by biking it. Biking is an essential feature to Amsterdam's character, the city is lined with many bike paths, and walking through the city you will see many bikes resting against walls or parked outside shops. You can easily rent bikes from anywhere in the city, we found ours at a rental shop right next to the hotel. 


I visited the Amsterdam flower market, which is the only floating flower market in the world! You will find rows of flower stalls on houseboats, it is really beautiful to see and not to mention it smells fantastic! 


While exploring the streets you will find many Dutch cheese shops, you must go in for some sampling. The Netherlands is most famous for producing Gouda cheese, it is absolutely delicious and so fresh! The Gouda comes in many different flavours: original, red chilli, cumin, pesto, coconut - just to name a few. 


One of my favourite experiences in Amsterdam was doing the Heineken Experience at the Heineken brewery. Amsterdam is home to the Heineken brewery, and it is really cool to visit the brewery and have a tour. You get to learn how the beer is brewed and get to do some tasting as well. 


Where to Eat: 

Amsterdam has many cafes and they are all delicious. They are perfect for stopping by to relax for a bit after a long day of exploring the city and for a quick snack. I visited this cafe called De Dampkring (which you might recognize as the hangout from the Ocean's 12 movie). Here you can find the most delicious strawberry milkshake I have ever had. Even better, if you walk one block over from this shop you will find  Vleminckx Sausmeesters, it is considered the best French fry stand in town, you can't miss this little hole in the wall shop because there is usually a large line up at all times. The fries are sliced and fried right in front of you and you can top it with an assortment of sauces, I cannot even put into words how good these are. You don't even have to feel bad about indulging because you will walk it off right away after exploring the city!  We topped ours with tartar sauce. 


You cannot leave Amsterdam without trying Dutch pancakes! Dutch pancakes come in both sweet or savory flavours and are usually eaten for dinner by the Dutch. We tried The Dutch Pancake House, it had great reviews online and was near the flower market. We ordered both a savory flavour (ham & cheese) and a sweet flavour (apple), both were equally as good. 


Travel Diary: Coachella

Sheena Virmani

Hi friends! I am back from attending the Coachella music festival in Palm Springs, California. Let me tell you, it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. I thought I would put together a quick guide to help you guys out if you ever decide to attend the festival in the future. 

Where to Stay:

We stayed at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. It is a beautiful property with 3 outdoor pools,  2 golf courses, and 5 restaurants..everything you need for the perfect getaway. This hotel was also part of the festival package deal - meaning Coachella shuttles were available to take us to and from the grounds every 15 minutes.  

photo 2-1.PNG
photo 1-1.PNG

Where to Shop:

Being on vacation just wouldn't be right if I didn't stop to do some shopping. If you are looking to do some shopping stop by the El Paseo shopping district, a street with over 300 shops, both designer and boutique shops. I enjoyed doing some pre'chella shopping here one afternoon. 

photo 3-1.PNG

Where to Brunch: 

Since brunch is the most important meals of the day, visiting Wilma & Frieda in El Paseo is a must! It has all the staple brunch items any brunch-a-holic (is that a real word?) is looking for. I enjoyed the California Eggs Benny (tomatoes, avocado, topped with a delicious hollandaise sauce, and served with a generous portion of fruit).  

photo 4.PNG

What to Wear: 

Alright people, the most important part. The best part of attending any festival is getting to throw together awesome festival inspired outfits- this was definitely my favourite part! Visit my post on Coachella fashion


photo 2 (1).PNG


Sheena Virmani

It was my first time visiting Paris, and all I can say is that my love affair with this city has only begun. From the street side cafes, the Parisian chic style, to the way the Eiffel tower sparkles at night, this city has won my heart. I cannot wait to go back! 

photo 1.JPG
photo 3.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Outfit Details:

Crop Top - Similar Here

Skirt - Here