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Why I Chose to Wear Red on My Wedding Day

Sheena Virmani

When it comes to Indian bridal wear the possibilities are endless – and it’s very apparent now more than ever. When creating my own looks, I found so many options to get really high quality custom designed outfits with my own colour, material, and design specifications from a variety of places here in Canada, where as even five years ago that wasn’t possible. This is really great because for one you don't have to go all the way to India to design the outfit of your dreams and can save some money (and who doesn't want to save money), and secondly it opens the door for design possibilities. Brides are no longer limited to what individual stores offer in their bridal collection and stores can no longer define what a bride should look like. We can now essentially create anything we want for our wedding looks based on a picture or a design in our head.  

When scrolling through my Instagram feed looking for Indian bridal inspiration while planning the wedding I saw so many brides out there steering away from the traditional wedding ceremony shades like pink, red, and maroon and opting for completely different colour palettes.  Why? Because they can.  As a fashionista, I love it; I love when brides are daring and push the limits for what’s acceptable for Indian bridal fashion and get creative. 

The creative in me would’ve had the best time playing with colours and designing something unique for myself, the tiny bit of “Traditionalist” in me wouldn’t allow me to go there. Although, I was born and brought up in Canada, being Indian is a huge part of who I am and has shaped a lot of my experiences growing up. Even though I don’t embrace it in every aspect of my life, wearing red on my wedding day was important to me. 


In India, red marks the colour of an auspicious occasion. It is the colour of a new life, and a reminder of beginning a new phase in your life. The colour red is a powerful symbol of leaving behind one’s adolescence and stepping into womanhood. For me, more than our marriage signifying our love for each other, this is what the wedding was truly about. Kunal and I love each other; I already knew that and experienced that. Our marriage was truly about us stepping into this new life together and taking on responsibilities as grownups that was significant, kind of like a rite of passage.  Before I was married I didn’t spend a long period of time living away from home, I was largely dependent on my parents for a lot of things, and didn’t really take on a huge amount of responsibility for anything in my life that required being an “adult”. The wedding for me was about embracing my new life and taking responsibility for myself as a grown and independent woman, so the significance behind the colour red truly struck a chord with me. 

So to wrap this up, if you didn't know why Indian brides traditionally wear red...well now you are in the know my friends! 

Getting ready behind the scenes 

Getting ready behind the scenes 

Getting ready behind the scenes

Getting ready behind the scenes

Outfit Details:

Make-up: Pretty Faces Calgary

Hair: Roopstyle

Outfit: Made In India (Surrey)

Jewelry: Gehna (Surrey)

Flowers: Amy Sanderson

Venue: Rimrock Hotel (Banff)